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For the last few years, drones have been revolutionizing the way data and information are collected on construction sites, but now there’s a new technology on the block. It’s called the Pix4D Crane Camera, and it’s specifically designed to “run independently to capture site images. Data acquisition can be fully automated – with a pre-configured […]

Have you recently invested in a historic property? Are you preparing to renovate a building that’s been around for decades or centuries? As buildings age, so do the materials used in their construction. Believe it or not, even well-built structures erode and wear down over time. Before taking any steps to correct the problem, it’s […]

Have you been working in the construction industry for years or even decades? At some point do you want to strike out on your own, and maybe even establish your own business? A new market analysis suggests that 2017 is the perfect year to do so. Why? Well, let’s take a closer look at the […]

As a property manager, you have a lot to worry about. There are vacancies to fill, updates and repairs to be made and countless other managerial duties and responsibilities to take care of. In addition, you have to worry about the well-being of your tenants — talk about pressure.   That only covers regular duties […]

Have you heard of SAC or self-adaptive composite? It’s a new material created by scientists at Rice University that has the potential to heal itself if damaged — You read that correctly, a non-biological material is capable of fixing itself.   By combining multiple polymers and a solvent that evaporates, miniature, sticky spheres work together […]

Like it or not, technology is always marching forward. Not just in the personal realm either. From chemical storage facilities to construction sites, mobile and Wi-Fi technology and even hi-tech tools like drones and laser scanners, tech is being utilized day-in and day-out. Here’s a brief overview of why it’s important that our industry continues […]

Tired of being stuck inside due to the freezing temperatures, ice and snow? It’s easy to get cabin fever this time of year, but there are things you can do to keep you busy while you’re out in the cold. Here are three simple DIY projects that you can work until spring.   Winter Storage. Winter […]