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A recent article at Engineering.com covers one of the newer, more creative trends in structural engineering. According to the article, “A group of Clarkson University mathematicians and a civil engineer have developed a passive and non-invasive approach to “listen” to a collection of relevant signals from bridges and other mechanical structures to diagnose changes or […]

When you imagine futuristic transportation, chances are good you envision flying cars, teleportation devices and artificially intelligent aircraft, but if billionaire inventor Elon Musk has his way, making a trip from New York to Los Angeles could involve being shot through a plastic tube at 800-miles-per-hour. The hyperloop transportation system takes pneumatic piping to an […]

If you’ve been following the news at all lately, then you’re aware of the immigration crisis currently taking place in the E.U. Germany is doing everything it can to provide adequate housing for thousands of migrants before the coldest part of the winter hits. Here’s a look at their unusual plan that just might work. […]

Fiber reinforced concrete slabs have been around for a while, but they are just starting to get popular. While the old fashioned way of mixing and pouring concrete around rebar sounds like a logical solution to building structures, it isn’t very efficient when it comes to saving time or money. It isn’t just savings that […]

There are regions all over the world that are “earthquake prone,” but that doesn’t keep people from living in them, nor does it keep architects and engineers from building near fault lines. At McNeil Engineering, we regularly perform seismic analysis.   But what exactly goes in to constructing a building in a earthquake hot zone? […]

Summertime is building time, and we’re staying busy! Are you or your company considering a new project soon? The planning phase requires a lot of time and work, and without the right structural engineering team at your side, you can quickly lose time and money. Here’s how we can take your vision and make it […]

Have you heard of self-healing concrete? It’s been making headlines all over the place lately. But what is it, exactly?   While the title itself sounds like something out of a science fiction story, “living” concrete is on its way to becoming a reality. Why is it necessary though? Concrete has been around for centuries and […]

At McNeil Engineering, we love highlighting work that our various departments have completed. Our structural engineering team recently finished work on a new sustainable, mixed-use apartment and commercial complex: 21 & View, part of the new Sugar House neighborhood in Salt Lake City.   Our landscape architecture team played a crucial role in creating a […]

Our work at McNeil Engineering takes us all over the western United States. Here’s a look at a project our Structural Engineering department recently completed in Fort Collins, Colorado.   For the new LDS Temple in Fort Collins, McNeil Engineering was the Specialty Structural Engineer of Record for the precast concrete façade on the building’s […]