A recent article at Engineering.com covers one of the newer, more creative trends in structural engineering. According to the article, “A group of Clarkson University mathematicians and a civil engineer have developed a passive and non-invasive approach to “listen” to a collection of relevant signals from bridges and other mechanical structures to diagnose changes or […]

Here at McNeil Engineering, we’re always hard at work. Whether we’re 3D-scanning, preparing an intensive land survey, or assisting an architecture team on their latest project, our various departments are always running here and there, ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with the work we’re providing them, all the while ensuring Utah stays structurally sound […]

A recent post at ForConstructionPros makes a good point: if you’re going to be driving a truck or vehicle that has a plow mechanism on the front end this winter, it’s especially important to take necessary safety precautions. Follow all rules of the road. Whenever you drive, you’re supposed to follow all rules of the […]

When it comes to working on a new project, there’s a lot to think about. In addition to costs, supplies, and selecting the right team to partner with, there’s also the looming threat of accidents, safety hazards and potential lawsuits. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could feel confident knowing that the team you’re working […]

America’s infrastructure is in the news a lot these days. Roads are old and decaying, national monuments are cracking and chipping and bridges all over the country are beginning to creak and sway. While the politics and budget issues surrounding these projects are a topic we’ll leave for another time, the unique technologies being used […]

Planning a new construction project is both stressful and intimidating, especially if you don’t come from an architecture or engineering background. Even the best plans can go wrong without a trustworthy, dependable and proven contracting team at your side. That’s why we recommend doing your due diligence, and trusting your next project to the friendly, knowledgeable […]

According to a recent report via Engineering.com, solar panel technology is getting smaller and more efficient than ever before. While the term ‘solar panel’ may conjure of up visions of giant mirror farms in the middle of nowhere, or rooftops covered with hi-tech glass, the reality is that solar technology is on the verge of […]

If the recent 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Italy doesn’t have you thinking about the security and structural integrity of your business or building, it certainly should. Like tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding, we’re rarely able to predict when and if an earthquake will strike, but there are things you can do to protect your livelihood and […]

Construction work isn’t just mentally challenging, it’s physically grueling and often leaves workers nursing bruises, sore muscles and a myriad of other health problems on the weekends. There’s lifting involved, working with heavy machinery, manual tasks like digging and chopping, laying concrete etc. And that’s just scratching the surface. Over the years, wear and tear […]

Architecture is often associated with practical design and functionality, but each and every building is a work of art in its own special way. Even the most creatively designed structures are built for a reason, but up until recently, it had more to do with a designer’s whim, then an actual economically-based purpose. But thanks […]